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Fencing: Part 1

May 22, 2011

The garden space was once my mother’s garden. She hasn’t gardened there in maybe twenty years. The last time she had a garden the Garden Gestapo, aka the white tailed deer, came in one night and systematically massacred the entire thing. A woodchuck also recently moved into the neighborhood and it’s been none too eager to get into my stew pot, so I thought investing a little time, money, and labor into putting up a fence would be a good idea.

I started by digging a trench around the garden that was approximately one feet deep and three feet wide:

and as you can see, I lined the trench with a 150′ long roll of 4′ wide chicken wire with 1″ meshing, using 50+ year old 2 inch chicken wire fencing to fill in the corners – I put down three layers of this rusty not so strong fencing figuring that if it doesn’t stop the woodchucks they will die of tetanus. The garden is 25′ by 50′ and according to my calculations I had to move 8-9 tons of dirt. This was a chore that doesn’t make my short list of “easy ways to have a good time”.

I used a bunch of logs I had from clearing some land for fence posts. I had been planning to make the fence 9 feet tall and putting them 3 feet deep, so I made the posts 12 feet long. Unfortunately my arms aren’t that long so I could only dig 2 feet deep holes, making for a 10 foot fence.

I then strung a second roll of the new chicken wire fencing around the posts using a staple gun to attach it:

I then attached the entrenched fence and the strung fence together. At first I cut the chickenwire and twisted it together, but that was slow and tedious, so I manufactured a few hundred metal twist ties from the wire that had held the rolls together:

That went much faster and easier. I just cut the wire into little strips, bent them so one side was longer than the other, and twisted them around the fence.

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