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Pumpkins & Potatoes

October 28, 2011

(Not pictured: 1 Black Futsu Pumpkin + 3 Butternut Squash already cooked)

In light of the multiple Squash Vine Borer infestations and my lack of knowledge and skill this is still a pretty good haul. The ones pictured here weighed a total of 143 lbs so the total was about 150 lbs…which is about my weight in winter squash.

17 Long Pie Pumpkins (these are the long cylinder ones, they turn orange after you pick them!)

4 Black Futsu Pumpkins (these are the round little green ones, they should be black but they didn’t finish maturing so far as I can tell)

12 Butternut Squash (the tan bell shaped ones, very tasty)

4 Blue Hubbard Squash (the ugly ones, the smallest is still green and is likely not to be edible)
Total yield: 37 Squashes and Pumpkins. Not too bad. Next year will hopefully be a lot better. I’m planning on adding many other varieties and trellising most of them. I’d like to get a 50 pound squash floating six or eight feet in the air…should make for a cool visual effect.

That’s 125 pounds of Nicola Potatoes. Unfortunately I severely neglected these potatoes. Planting was still worth the effort and expense due to this unexpected crop (I thought they would all die). These make the best roast potatoes I’ve ever had. Next year I’ll be sure to plant more of these…and to take care of them!

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